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Top 10 Brake Pads Companies in Sweden

Top 10 Brake Pads Companies in Sweden

If you are looking for Brake Pads Manufacturers and Suppliers in Sweden, you are in the right place.

We here listed the Top 10 Brake Pads Manufacturers and Suppliers in Sweden.

Check and ask for a quote for brake pads, brake discs, brake drum, brake shoes, brake sensors, control arm, most of the brake products, auto parts.



1. Endless Brake Technology Europe

Address: 725 96 Västerås, Sweden

Tel: +46171443488

Plus code: MR6J+GC Orresta, Sweden


brake pads sweden

We are the Endless brand sales and technical centre for the European market and handles all sales and technical support, including dealers and customer teams regardless if it is for Formula One or street cars. Endless Brake Technology Europe are also responsible for product development and product adaptation for the European market and has a direct technical and support cooperation with Endless Advance Co. Ltd. in Japan.


2. Corvette Sweden

Address: Vegagatan 7, 172 34 Sundbyberg, Sweden

Tel: +468293292

Plus code: 9X78+V5 Sundbyberg, Sweden


Since the start in 1965, we have now gathered over 140 years of experience of working with Corvetter. Original renovations, modifications and trims.Feel free to visit our webshop, which is continuously updated. Right now there are approx5,000 products laid out for order. Feel free to call or send an email  if that’s what you’re looking for, we have another 46,000 Corvette products in stock…For your original renovation, we have parts that are reproduced exactly as the original. The original parts are often out of GM’s range.As a member of one of the Swedish Corvette clubs, you receive 10% discount.


3. Ferrita Sweden AB

Address: Mästaregatan 10, 731 50 Köping, Sweden

Tel: +4622118070

Plus code: GX79+XW Köping, Sweden


  • Disc Pads
  • Brake Shoes
  • Clutch Kits
  • Clutch Plates
  • Clutch Buttons and Rivets
  • Rivets for Brake Linings and Clutch Facings


Ferrita manufactures stainless steel exhaust systems for all types of vehicles and special products for the process industry. We aim high for the future and together with our customers, suppliers and others, we want to create great added value for everyone involved. The commitment in motorsport represents an important part of that added value. In short, the business concept is to provide the automotive industry’s aftermarket with sound, power and environmentally friendly alternatives in the exhaust area through the development and manufacture of stainless steel exhaust systems.
Our operations and products will be improved in the long term through conscious investments in streamlining processes and staff competence with a focus on quality and the environment. For the customer, we must of course always provide products with the best quality at a competitive price.


4. Brakeparts Logistic Sweden AB

Address: Kardanvägen 96, 461 38 Trollhättan, Sweden


Plus code:79V2+RM Trollhättan, Sweden



5. J-Spec Sweden

Address: Betongvägen 6A, 653 50 Karlstad, Sweden

Tel: +4654851990

Plus code:CCJ9+76 Skåre, Sweden


  • WET Brakes
  • Industrial Brakes
  • Brake Assemblies & Components
  • Brake Pad
  • Brake Kit
  • Clutch
  • Brake Testing Product

brake pad sweden

The company was founded in 2005 by car enthusiasts, for car enthusiasts. From being a pioneer in the import of used Japanese sports cars directly from Japan, an interest was soon established in also satisfying the aftermarket for these astonishingly potent and easily tuned cars. After a number of successful years, it soon resulted in car imports being phased out and us making a major investment in car parts and accessories online.
Since 2009, our aim has been to have a wide range for basically all car brands, attractive products, high inventory and unbeatably fast deliveries. We are today 6 employees with a warehouse of 1000sqm.

6. Vparts

Address:Bruksgatan 15, 864 33 Matfors, Sweden

Tel: +466021080

Plus code: 82WH+QQ Matfors, Sweden


  • Brake Shoes
  • Brake Drums
  • Glass cleaning
  • Natural Care
  • Convertible and Roadster care
  • Paint and wheel rim care
  • Interior care

At Vparts, you have a guarantee on virtually all products sold in the web shop. We always try to avoid problems arising through product tests and updates of our product descriptions.

The stated warranty period applies from the day the product is delivered. Where the warranty period is not specified, or if problems arise that the warranty does not cover, we handle any problems with the support of the Consumer Purchase Act and of course with common sense. You as a customer are the most important thing we have.


7. Maptun Performance AB

Address: Verkstadsgatan 2, 702 27 Örebro, Sweden

Tel: +4619237030

Plus code: 7587+MX Örebro, Sweden


MapTun Performance är numera en fullserviceanläggning för seriös Saabtuning. Istället för att anlita underleverantörer där kvalitet, leveranstider och möjligheterna till specialanpassning sällan möter våra och våra kunders höga krav gör vi numera det mesta “in house”. Vi erbjuder allt från enkla motorrenoveringar till mycket avancerade specialbyggen där såväl bottendel, topp och växellåda är helt skräddarsydda efter kundens unika behov. Vi har numera en fullutrustad verkstadsanläggning där vi utför allt från enkla servicearbeten till fullständiga ombyggnationer, inkl. motor- och transmissionsbyten och platsbyggda speciallösningar.


8. Mekonomen Sweden Store Vaxjo

Address: Marketenterivägen 25, 352 36 Växjö, Sweden

Tel: +4647022659

Plus code: VQH9+5H Växjö, Sweden


  • Caliper / Disc Brakes
  • Couplings
  • Drum & Band Brakes
  • Hydraulic Systems
  • Locking Devices

brake pad sweden 3

Mekonomen makes car life easier by offering a wide and easily accessible range of affordable, innovative solutions and products for consumers and companies. We are the Nordic region’s leading car parts chain with its own wholesale operations, shops and workshops. Through nationwide store and workshop networks, Mekonomen has the best accessibility in the industry under the Mekonomen Bilverkstad and MekoPartner brands.

We offer both service and repair of your car and a large selection of products, here on the web and in our stores around the country. The spare parts used are of high quality, the guarantees continue to apply and the stamp in the service book is worth as much as in a branded workshop.


9. Talent Auto Parts AB

Address: Ånghammargatan 9, 721 33 Västerås, Sweden

Tel: +46736997888

Plus code:JF2Q+PC Västerås, Sweden


Talentauto is the dealer for parts and accessories of motor vehicles. Our customers are mostly car workshops around Sweden.
We sell products like motor oil, oil filters, lamps and air filters etc. from eg RavenolRamolit and Sakurafilter.
Shortly you as a customer to be able to enter your registration number and get suggestions for recommended products for your particular vehicleIn the meantime, please contact us directly for personalized service.


10. AutoExperten Butik

Address:Omformargatan 2, 721 37 Västerås, Sweden

Tel: +4621815170

Plus code:JHWC+H3 Västerås, Sweden


  • Brake Pad
  • Brake Discs
  • Brake DiscCalipers

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